The water treatment industry is in a period of technology stagnation with only a few chemical suppliers competing in the market that allows Sludge-X’s innovative green chemistries and customizable environmental solutions to gain a sizable market share in a relatively short amount of time. Further, the Sludge-X green chemistries are adaptable to all pre-existing wastewater treatment operations thus mitigates the need for upfront capital due to equipment upgrades. Instead, Sludge-X uses a proprietary blend of natural clay minerals that entrap solids and dissolved metals during the wastewater treatment operations. The result is a sludge laden with minerals, such as aluminum, calcium, silica, and iron, that can be used as a raw material for cement production. Sludge-X provides a total service solution for wastewater facilities by offering a customizable treatment package that includes preblended ‘ready for use’ chemicals and disposal of the industrial waste sludge. Sludge-X thus effectively shifts the focus of conventional wastewater operations that treat sludge for landfill disposal to providing water fit for use and yielding higher revenues by recovering the natural resources used in the water treatment operations.

Patented Process for Recycling of Filter Cake