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Alden Group Environmental Solutions, LLC (“AGES”), a subsidiary of Alden Group Holdings, is a multifaceted business offering a range of environmental services focused on delivering customized solutions for wastewater treatment. The core services include the sale and distribution of industrial wastewater treatment flocculants, process equipment, and bioremediation services.

AGES Subject Matter Experts (SME) level technical and commercial development teams with an extensive background in wastewater treatment processes and technologies. The team’s expansive industry relationships and deep market insight allows AGES to provide comprehensive services that address the industry’s biggest secular trends: water scarcity, water quality, and the transition to ESG centric operations.

The business strategy is to develop and maintain ongoing relationships with a diversified group of customers that have recurring needs for industrial wastewater treatment services.

Reducing Waste and Cost

Improving H2O Quality

Targeting Zero Landfill

Recycling Water

Case Studies

Industrial & Municipal Lagoon Bioaugmentation Remediation

Formerly used for 35+ years as the anaerobic poultry sludge and grease lagoon as well as the receptacle for the local septic waste. The 4-acre lagoon was the subject of odor complaints and was filled with degrading poultry grease and septic sludge. The grease islands were approximately 18 inches thick and floated. The sludge was approximately 10 – 12 feet deep. Faced with the prospect of dredging and hauling off the sludge which would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and constant odor complaints from the public the city contracted with Alden Group Environmental Services to design and implement a remediation plan.

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